Farmers Protest In India, Appeal Center to Repeal Farm laws

 Farmers Protest In India, Appeal Center to Repeal Farm laws

It is the current trending issue in India and is becoming more crucial day by day. Since late November, more than ten thousand farmers from different states of India have marched to New Delhi and blocked all the highways leading into the city. They are protesting against three bills that passed in both houses of the Indian Parliament in September. 

What are the Bills?

1) The Farmers (Empowerment and protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm services act.

2) The Farmers Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act.

3)The Essential Commodities (amendment) act.

The first two laws expand the marketing infrastructure provided by India’s state-level government.  It allow farmers to sell their produce outside the APMC ‘mandis’ to direct marketing of farm products to processors, aggregators, wholesalers, large retailers, and exporters.

The third law seeks to remove commodities like cereals, oil seeds, onions, and potatoes from the list of essential commodities. This will remove the imposition of stock – holding limits except under extraordinary circumstances.

Farmers Protest

Farmers Protest In India Leads To Vandalism

According to the Farmer leaders, the new laws will lead to a takeover of the agriculture business by companies and have called for a boycott of the group such as Reliance, which owns the telecom towers. And Adani- a big player in agri-business – the two firms farmers believe have profited from the new laws at their expense.

Earlier, angry farmers vandalized more than 1,500 telephone towers in the northern Indian state of Punjab more than 40 farmers have lost their lives during this protest.Farmers Protest In India - Towers Vandalized

Indian PM makes fresh appeal to farmers protesting over new laws

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday offered to hold fresh talks to end a stalemate over new agriculture reform. In his latest push to win over farmers protesting for almost a month against the move.

Mr. Modi said

“I am saying this with humility that we are ready to discuss every issue of farmers, even with those (political parties) who are against us, for the sake of our farmers.” Mr. Modi also released USD 2.5 billion to 90 million farmers under a financial scheme that his party launched last year.

Under the direct cash transfer scheme, small farmers get 6,000 rupees in four installments in a year.

“Our farmers are forced to sleep on the street in the open amid the cold for the last 32 days. Why? It pains me that over 40 people have lost their lives here. I appeal to the Centre to listen to them and repeal the Farm Laws”, said Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.


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