It’s Time to Break Up Facebook According Co-Founder

In 2019, Co-Founder of Facebook Chris Hughes has spoken about Facebook in his interview. Chris said It’s been 15 years since I co-founded Facebook with Mark at Harvard, and It’s been a decade I haven’t worked at the Company. I feel a sense of anger and responsibility. For Mark Zuckerberg he said, Mark is still […]Read More

6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes In Croatia

This massive 6.3 Magnitude earthquake caused global damage in the hardest-hit town of Petrinja. Croatia’s Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovie said the army has 500 places ready in barracks. While others will be accommodated in nearby hotels and other places. No one must stay out in the cold tonight. This major earthquake cut phone lines and […]Read More

Farmers Protest In India, Appeal Center to Repeal Farm laws

It is the current trending issue in India and is becoming more crucial day by day. Since late November, more than ten thousand farmers from different states of India have marched to New Delhi and blocked all the highways leading into the city. They are protesting against three bills that passed in both houses of […]Read More

Endometriosis – The “Truth” About This Condition

Explaining endometriosis in a nutshell is quite difficult. In layman’s words endometriosis is a condition where some little flowers are present outside the uterus, and bloom in other places of a woman’s body. Each month the flowers cleverly move to different units, where they take the form of painful weeds. Endometriosis – The “Truth”: What […]Read More