8 Places To Check Out When In Copenhagen

Recently we got a few questions around the subject what to do in Copenhagen, so today we let you know about 8 places to check out when in Copenhagen.

8 Places To Check Out When In Copenhagen

We recently got a few questions from people asking me what to do for fun in Copenhagen.

Obviously, we could just go down the commercial route and tell you to visit the little mermaid and the famous Tivoli amusement park. But you’ve bound to already check that stuff out. Plus, the little mermaid is overrated. Trust us.

Anyway, people asked us where they could find some cool bars and clubs for some late-night fun. So today we will give you guys the hidden gems of Copenhagen. Cool bars and places that we recommend checking out. Who knows, you might even bump into one of us there!


It’s not really called the strip but me and the crew came up with this name because it has a strip of awesome bars. All the bars are free of entrance, excluding L.A. Bar which has a wardrobe fee of 20dkk on weekends.

The Strip is on a little side-street from kobmagergade called Svaertegade. Google map if you don’t know where it is.

Down this street there are several bars worth checking out if you don’t plan on spending huge amount of cash on a night out. We’re going to mention a few of them.

Sjus Bar:

8 Places To Check Out When In Copenhagen: Sjus BarThis bar actually isn’t on svartegade but on Pilestraede, which is a connecting street to svartegade. It’s right on the corner to the left if you walk from kobmagergade to the strip, so it’s easy to find. It’s a bit younger crowd ranging from 18–23.

It’s quite small but it has a lower floor which helps a bit. Because of its small size the place fills up pretty quickly so if you want a table or a place to sit, you need to be at sjus bar pretty early. The bar prices are pretty cheap for Copenhagen and there are some good-looking girls too. The music is forgettable at best and the staff is friendly.

Sjus Bar all in all is a great place to hang out or warm up before heading to bigger night clubs.

L.A. Bar:

8 Places To Check Out When In Copenhagen: La BarIt’s free on Tuesdays before 10pm, but on the Weekends they have a required 20dkk wardrobe fee + a 20dkk entrance fee.

Its interior design is riddled with palm treelike material. To be honest it looks more like the Hawaiian bar than anything remotely found in the city of angels. It’s a 2-floor venue with a small dance floor on the top floor. The bar prices are cheap on Tuesdays but average in the weekends. There are loads of international students that come here often, they hold a international students night every Tuesday. The music ranges from awful to cheerful.

It’s a decent place to checkout. But don’t expect the L.A. Treatment.


Boltensgaard is literally an inner court within buildings which contain 2 of the bigger bar/clubs in Copenhagen. It’s worth checking it out if you want a bigger experience.

Students prefer going to Kulorbar which is a club/bar venue. It’s one of the biggest venues in Copenhagen.You get free serving of beer till 01:00 am and they open the doors around 10pm, so drink all you want. After the happy hour, the prices are pretty high as in all bigger venues.

8 Places To Check Out When In Copenhagen: KulorbarThey have a big dance floor in the middle of everything, a smaller room and a lower floor with more chilled music. The age group is around 21–24 so it’s still young but seems to have a bit more mature crowd.

The other club is called NASA. It’s a pretty high-status club for Copenhagen, the entrance is literally an Elevator. With white leather seats couches and space-like interior designs NASA looks and feels sexy.

8 Places To Check Out When In Copenhagen: Nasa BarThe club itself is very small compared to Kulorbar. The crowds obviously posher and one of the few places we’ve seen, that bottle service is a must if you want to get anything out of the night. If you want look a bit classy and throw hundreds of dollars away on booze and fun. NASA could be a viable option. But it ain’t cheap…


8 Places To Check Out When In Copenhagen: Meat TownMeat-town aka Kodbyen is by day the place for commodity shopping for restaurants. By night it’s a social hot spot. Within Meat-town there are several cool places worth checking out such as Karriere bar or Jolenes for a hippier approach. It’s a much older crowd ranging from 25–30, the bar prices are average to high and the music seems to be well thought out, compared to other places.

If you like an older crowd and a different experience then Meat-town isn’t a bad place to check out.


If you come from radhuspladsen and go down a little street called vestergade you’ll find a load of venues neatly collected on this little street. The most noteworthy ones are Australian Bar aka Abar or Heidi’s Beer Bar a german inspired bar/club.

Australian bar is actually a bar / club hybrid. It has a quieter bar area where you play pool, beer pong, fuss-ball table and you’ll actually be able to talk and hear people. On the other side they have a dance floor and it’s generally a bit more action packed with laud music.

8 Places To Check Out When In Copenhagen: Australian BarEven though it’s called Australian bar, there aren’t many Australians to be found here, they do offer authentic Australian beers so you might want to check that out. The crowd is pretty young, the age ranges from 18–22. Occasionally you’ll find older people but generally that’s about it. The venue is decent in size, it’s big enough without it being too big.

It cost 50dkk for entrance + 20dkk for wardrobe. Do remember when you pay for entrance, to ask for free tickets, they usually will hand them out giving you free tickets for either entrance or a drink.

Heidi’s bier bar has 2 floors. Both floors have a fussball table, they offer a huge range of different beers, so if you’re a beer enthusiast you’ll like this place. The crowd is older, ranging from 24–28 and they have a dancefloor that it quite small but doable.

8 Places To Check Out When In Copenhagen: Heidi's Bier BarIt’s a dim lighted place and the barmaids are all neatly dressed in a german maid outfits. There’s no entrance fee but there is a wardrobe fee of 20kr. I usually just sneak in and drop my jacket at a table with a friend, I’m cheap.

The last bar is called Krasnapolsky, it’s right next to Australian bar. It’s the unofficial danish guido hangout spot. It cost around 200-300dkk to get in. Which makes it one of the most expensive places to visit on the weekends. But there’s free bar included in that price, but you still need to pay for wardrobe. Women only pay 80 dkk to get in though. The crowd is a more hiphopish, gangsta pop crowd. The age ranges from 19–24. The venue is half the size of Australian bar.8 Places To Check Out When In Copenhagen: Krasnapolsky


Fullname Karel Van Mander is a night club situated right next to the big Magasin Shopping Center and can be reached by the walking street or from Kongs Nytorv Metro st.

8 Places To Check Out When In Copenhagen: KarelKarel boost an awesome looking club with exquisite interior design and probably has the hottest girls in town, scrambling around in the venue. They have an outdoor area which is perfect for the summer time and a good-sized dance floor in the middle.

The music is mostly house and dance tunes with a mix of popular songs from current times. The age group ranges from 18–25. However the age requirements changes from Thursdays to Saturdays.

The bar prices are sadly really high, but if you got money to blow, then you won’t look better doing it anywhere than here. Karel can boost that they attract the hottest girls in Copenhagen, so if you’re looking to hook up with a nice little female, then look no further than here. There is an abundance of turbos here.

The entrance price is around 100dkk free wardrobe included.


8 Places To Check Out When In Copenhagen: ZeifsideZeifside is a little new bar at Frederiskholm 4. It’s free entrance with a 20dkk wardrobe which is optional. It has an older crowd ranging from 24–28. You’ll find younger girls here too but most of these girls are into older guys, this could be good or bad for you.

The bar is not that big but big enough to move around. It gets really packed after midnight and the bar prices are average to high. The music is mostly mixed house music. If you’re anywhere close to Zeifside than I really do recommend stopping by the place and see if you’ll like it.


There are two places that I really love checking out from time to time. The first one is called Francis Pony, the other the happy pig. Don’t Danish people come up with some peculiar names?

Francis Pony is a student bar, but that doesn’t mean it slacking in terms of style. It has a young but mature crowd usually ranging from 22–24 and most of them are business students or anything equal to that. The bar prices are average to high and it has 2 floors. There’s no actual dance floor, which would be impossible since the place it pretty packed. If you’re a student than it’s a great place to go and socialize. Free entrance and optional wardrobe.8 Places To Check Out When In Copenhagen: Francis pony

The second place is called the Happy pig and is situated very close to Francis pony. It has pretty much the same crowd as Francis Pony but slightly older perhaps. It’s a bit bigger than Francis pony and has 2dance floors on the top floor. The bar prices are actually quite low and the people are generally quite friendly. There’s a 20dkk wardrobe fee and it isn’t optional. They broadcast football games, when there are big matches, so you might want to check that out, if you’re football interested.8 Places To Check Out When In Copenhagen: The Happy Pig


This place is actually part of the strip, but it’s so legendary that it needed its own place here on the list. It’s not because it plays great music or anything.

8 Places To Check Out When In Copenhagen: The MooseThe bar is pretty shitty to be honest It’s smoky as hell, so if you have issues with that you might want to look elsewhere. The music they play is from a jukebox with tunes from 80’s rock to new age stuff. The bar prices a pretty cheap and the crowd age ranges from 18–30. You’ll be able to find many interesting weird characters in this bar, but that’s still not the reason why it has legendary status.

The reason is: When everything else closes, the moose is still open.

That’s right! Free entrance and no coat check.

It’s literally the twilight zone bar.

A lot of people visit this place after 4-5am because it’s the only place that is still open thus attracting people. If you want to hook up with women, this is also a doable place if you haven’t been able to get much success anywhere else. We call it late night scramble. You can’t be picky though. The quality of the girls ranges from piggish ugly to mildly cute with anorexia tendencies.

But if you’re ever in Copenhagen after a late night out, you really do have to visit this magical place.

Anyways enjoy your night out in Copenhagen.


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